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Assistance to Eoluz in acquisition of Sunthing

We assisted Eoluz NV in the preparation, negotiation and closing of the acquisition of the solar monitoring and maintenance activities of Sunthing and the drafting of ancillary agreements in this respect.

Eoluz is specialized in renewable energy systems. Among other things, Eoluz develops and installs industrial photovoltaic installations. In addition, the company analyses and optimizes existing installations in which it carries out monitoring and maintenance activities. Eoluz has a portfolio of more than 70 MWp in monitoring and maintenance services. The company also provides new energy solutions such as energy charging infrastructure and energy management for industry, SME, agriculture and public authorities.

Sunthing was founded in 2008, and has built approx. 35 MWp or more than 100 industrial PV installations in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. In addition, the company manages 25 MWp of PV installations by means of specific service and maintenance programs.

Filip De Schouwer and Tessa Gijbels constituted the deal team for this transaction.

More information on the transaction can be found [here

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