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Citymesh in capital raising rounds, acquisition of Meshbone and general business matters

We assisted Citymesh NV in the preparation, negotiation and closing of its most recent capital round.

Citymesh fulfils a unique role in the landscape of internet service providers. Apart from the traditional internet providers, Citymesh is the most important player that uses multi-radio WiFi-Meshing technology.

Following the capital injection in Citymesh, we have assisted nCentric, a subsidiary of Citymesh, in the preparation, negotiation and closing of the acquisition of Meshbone, a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, which provides unique and flexible wireless mesh software platforms. Apart from assisting nCentric from a corporate law perspective, we have also advised nCentric in dealing with the complex intellectual property aspects related to this acquisition. 

We provide ongoing legal support to the senior leadership of Citymesh, advise them on equity incentive schemes and retention mechanism, and provide counsel concerning intellectual property protection and enforcement.

David Dessers, Pieter Capiau, Yannick Verrycke and Magali Feys constitute the Cresco deal team for these transactions and ongoing legal support.  

For any further information or questions, please contact David Dessers.

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