Covid-19 and Cresco’s commitment

First of all, we hope and wish you and your close ones are in good health.

We are currently facing extreme situations, impacting our daily life and requiring the utmost vigilance from society.

Cresco is committed to play its role in this crisis and is doing all it can to help flattening the curve in order to be able to pick up our daily routines as soon as possible.

All Cresco lawyers and staff members have been compelled to take all necessary measurements for their personal and professional environment. As a result, all Cresco lawyers and staff have been requested to work remotely and limit their interactions to a minimum.

In order to be able to continue to serve our clients in the best possible way, Cresco lawyers and staff are available and able to meet the needs that exist even in these times.

Cresco remains thus available to you via mail, phone (private and office), or other means, and is able to answer any questions and assist in any process, taking into account the necessary precautions.

Stay safe and healthy !
Kind regards,

The Cresco Team