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Key Counsel to Amplidata

Amplidata is a cloud storage solutions provider based in Lochristi (Belgium).  Amplidata has developed a Distributed Storage System (DSS) technology designed to solve the scalability and reliability problems traditional storage systems face, by taking advantage of the introduction of large capacity SATA drives and solid state disk.

We have assisted Amplidata with the preparation, negotiation and completion of previous capital raising rounds:

  • 2011 Series C convertible preferred capital raising: USD 8 million was raised with Intel Capital Corporation as lead investor with significant participation by Endeavour, Big Bang Ventures and Swisscom,
  • 2012 Series C-1 convertible preferred capital raising: USD 6 million was raised with strategic investor Quantum Corporation as lead investor and with significant participation by Intel Capital Corporation, Endeavour and Big Bang Ventures,
  • 2014 Series D preferred capital raising: USD 11 million was raised with Quantum Corporation Intel Capital Corporation, Endeavour, Big Bang Ventures and Swisscom.

We provide ongoing operational legal support to the senior leadership of Amplidata, advise them on equity incentive schemes and retention mechanism, and provide counsel concerning intellectual property protection and enforcement.

David Dessers, Pieter Capiau, Yannick Verrycke and Wim Van Berendoncks constituted the Cresco deal team for these transactions and operational legal support.  

For any further information or questions, please contact David Dessers.

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