about us

Cresco is a premier law firm with an exclusive focus on entrepreneurship, serving leading entrepreneurs, venture capital and private equity investors and innovative companies.

We are recognized for delivering excellent value with high efficiency and speed.

We provide the legal foundations for entrepreneurs, companies, investors and research institutions to collaborate and grow together.

As the first law firm in the Belgian market with an exclusive focus on entrepreneurship, we have enjoyed pioneering alongside our clients.

That spirit of exploration remains as we have grown into a strategic partner for companies large and small. As does our passion to make that next deal possible for our clients. And the next one after that.


Cresco develops pragmatic and imaginative legal solutions for business strategies of our clients.

Based on a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and our legal expertise, we help clients move confidently in high-stakes transactions and partnerships. 


We share a history with many entrepreneurs, companies and investors in the technology ecosystem.

We share a future with our clients, as a lifelong partner and adviser that can be trusted to provide knowledge, insight and expertise when it is needed most.

meet the team

Our core values

To be a part of Cresco means committing to excel on every level, without compromise. Encouraging one another to be the best you can be every day. 

Fairness and honesty underpin all our efforts. We believe that it is our duty to deliver the best possible result that ensures our clients’ long-term success. We move with confidence and provide solutions that are balanced and fair to all parties.

We draw from over a decade of helping entrepreneurs shaping partnerships. We think outside the box to create new possibilities and opportunities. We dig deep to fully comprehend our clients’ business and emerge with pragmatic solutions on complex legal issues.