Corporate Partnering Master Class – #2 Technology and IP Protection and Monetization

Tuesday 22 November
at 9:00 am
Olivier Van Raemdonck
Cresco will be hosting 8 Master Classes together with Leuven MindGate. Each class will dive into specific Corporate Partnering models.

#2  Technology and IP Protection and Monetization

Imperative for companies to ensure their technology and underlying IP is adequately protected.

As the business grows it is strongly recommended to develop an appropriate IP strategy and comprehensive contracting framework.

Contracting framework should provide in best, base and worst case scenarios when dealing with suppliers, clients and other contractual counterparties.


  • Main types of intellectual property and their protection and enforcement regimes
  • Techniques to ensure inbound and outbound IP protection
  • Comprehensive contracting framework and checklist for IP protection, enforcement and monetization

What will you learn:

  • How to develop an IP strategy from Day 1
  • How to mitigate risk factors in IP protection and monetization
  • How to enable success factors in IP protection and monetization
  • How to establish a comprehensive contracting framework and checklist

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