Corporate Partnering Master Class – #4 Research Institution Spin-off Formation

Tuesday 28 February
at 9:00 am
Olivier Van Raemdonck
Cresco will be hosting 8 Master Classes together with Leuven MindGate. Each class will dive into specific Corporate Partnering models.

Master Class 4 – Research Institution Spin-off Formation

The creation of spin-off companies is one of the technology transfer mechanisms through which research results of research institutions are commercially exploited.

The research institution makes patents and other IP rights available to the spin-off and is typically compensated by royalties and/or a shareholding in the spin-off.


  • Exclusive access of spin-off to unique IP rights resulting from research effected at research institutions
  • Continued involvement of research institution in further development and commercialization
  • Compensation mechanisms for the research institution through royalties and/or equity stake in the spin-off

What will you learn:

  • How to negotiate the IP terms of the transfer/license with the research institution
  • How to agree development and commercialization objectives
  • How to ensure that the research institution is unable to create a competing spin-off
  • How to negotiate the royalties and/or equity stake with the research institution

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