Corporate Partnering Master Class – #7 Joint Ventures and Consortia

Tuesday 23 May
at 9:00 am
David Dessers
Cresco will be hosting 8 Master Classes together with Leuven MindGate. Each class will dive into specific Corporate Partnering models.

Master Class 7 –  Joint Ventures and Consortia

Companies increasingly establish partnerships through joint ventures, providing capital, assets or other resources.

The establishment of a successful corporate joint venture requires a lot of hard preparatory work of the partners to design, structure and negotiate all relevant joint venture arrangements.

A consortium is a multiparty joint venture which can be exponentially more difficult to structure.


  • Contribution of capital, assets and other resources
  • Development and commercialization arrangements with joint venture or consortium partners
  • Funding milestones and decision making with joint venture or consortium partners
  • Governance and conflict resolution arrangements
  • Exit scenarios and exit transition planning

What will you learn:

  • How to structure and negotiate the contributions to the joint venture
  • How to establish development and commercialization arrangements
  • How to agree on funding, governance and conflict resolution
  • How to appropriate plan for an exit from or of the joint venture or consortium
  • How to ensure continuity of the JV business

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