Cresco hosts a TEDxFlanders Salon in cooperation with TEDxFlanders

On 17 October 2018 Cresco hosts a TEDxFlanders Salon on Energy x Efficiency x Empathy, in cooperation with TEDxFlanders.

Three entrepreneurs explain how Energy, Efficiency and Empathy determine their activities, projects and vision.

ENERGYMerijn Everaarts, Dopper – Energetic and inspired CEO and founder of Dopper, the sustainable drinking bottle with a mission: drink tap water and stop plastic pollution. A passionate entrepreneur who motivates people, offers a product that respects the planet and wants to encourage more people to do so. How does he handle that? What are the key values?

EFFICIENCYSofie Van de Velde, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde – Sofie renounces the standard competitive model of art galleries and opts for cooperation, shared opportunities and networks. She will explain how artists often turn down regular efficiency, expedience and optimisation to gain in creativity.

EMPATHYLiesbeth Dillen, former CEO trainee IKEA – Based on her experience as CEO trainee IKEA and her own private route, Liesbeth shares with us her strong vision on empathy within a company. She further explains how she translates this into corporate strategy and into a new leadership model for international organisations (e.g Disney, Danone, Inditex, Rode Kruis ).

Start 19:00 – End 22:30

Hosted by Natalie Lemense, partner at Cresco. With TEDx Flanders we aim to create a TEDxFlandersSalon that brings inspiration and discussion.

Feel free to contact Natalie if you want to participate


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