Shared Future: Béatrice de Mahieu

Béatrice de Mahieu is an entrepreneur and strategy consultant who focuses on coaching and mentoring start-ups and scaleups in their growth strategy. Her passion for open innovation and experience as the former CEO of Co.Station have positioned her as a leading figure in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Now taking on the role of director at the esteemed coding school BeCode, Béatrice continues to empower the next generation of coders and drive innovation forward.

Shared Future: Jean-Charles Velge

Jean-Charles Velge is the co-founder of Qover, the InsurTech company he co-founded with Quentin Colmant in 2016. We got together with Jean-Charles to discuss the future of entrepreneurship and technology in Belgium and the EU.

Het nieuwe verbintenissenrecht - Invloed op ICT overeenkomsten

Met ingang van 1 januari 2023 zijn de nieuwe regels van het verbintenissenrecht van kracht, die aanzienlijke gevolgen hebben voor ICT-overeenkomsten die vanaf die datum worden gesloten. In dit webinar bespreken we de belangrijkste wijzigingen en geven we praktische tips over hoe je ervoor kan zorgen dat je contracten up-to-date zijn en voldoen aan de nieuwe wetgeving. 

Shared Future: Dewi van De Vyver

Dewi Van De Vyver is a seasoned entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, and ICT Woman of the Year. In this interview, ask her about the most significant developments witnessed in the past decade, the current state of innovation and entrepreneurship in Belgium and the EU, and the expectations for the future. Join us as we explore these topics and gain valuable insights from Dewi.

Shared Future: Roald Borré

Roald Borré is the Group Manager of Venture Capital & Head of Equity Investments at PMV, the investment company of the Flemish government. He is no stranger to the ecosystem and the ecosystem holds few secrets for this well-renowned investor. Besides his role at PMV, Roald Borré is also a Director and Member of the Remco of Kebony, a Portfolio Manager at Welvaartsfonds, and a Member of the Management Committee of PMV Fund Management. We got together with Roald to discuss the future of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Shared Future: Andreas De Neve

Andreas De Neve is the co-founder and CEO of TechWolf, a Ghent-based firm that provides AI solutions to HR problems. The company’s software smartens platforms, connecting people with a certain skill set to the right job. We got together with Andreas to discuss the future of entrepreneurship and technology.

Shared Future: Yonca Braeckman

Yonca Braeckman is the CEO and founder of Impact Shakers, a global impact ecosystem that works with entrepreneurs and investors to resolve complex societal challenges. Impact Shakers is a business built on the foundations of inclusive entrepreneurship. We sat down with Yonca to discuss what the future holds for entrepreneurship in Europe.

Shared Future: Jurgen Ingels

Jurgen Ingels is perhaps the most recognizable Belgian entrepreneur of our age: an entrepreneur since his student days, a first mover in the fintech world with Clear2Pay, a leading VC with the SmartFin funds and a board member in companies like Materialise and Ghelamco. These days, Jurgen is devoting his seemingly boundless energy on outer space. We got together with him to discuss the future of entrepreneurship and technology in our first episode of our “Shared Future” blog.

Unlocking Big Data in Healthcare – Future Opportunities

De Covid-19 pandemie heeft de focus van de EU op haar strategie voor de Europese gezondheidsunie versneld met haar meest recente wetgevingsvoorstel, het EHDS, dat in mei 2022 werd gelanceerd. Olivier Van Raemdonck van Cresco licht samen met Charles Groffils de belangrijkste aspecten van de voorgestelde verordening toe.

Alternatives to equity funding

The crash of tech stocks and crises at some major venture capital funds have swapped the years of carefree growth to the so-called funding drought. If you’re a start-up or scale-up, now is the right time to look for other options to finance your growth.

Insights in IP monetization and strategic collaborations

There are many methods to generate profit from intellectual property, each of which requires a unique combination of talents and competencies. With the advent of new rules and more competition in the IP market, monetizing IP is becoming a more difficult endeavour.