LegalFly in €2M funding round by RedAlpine

Cresco has acted as company counsel to Legalfly, facilitating their successful EUR 2 million funding round. The funding was led by RedAlpine, a venture capital firm known for its investments in innovative and high-growth startups.

LegalFly is a legal tech company dedicated to revolutionizing the legal industry. With a mission to streamline and modernize legal processes. Legalfly offers solutions to legal professionals and businesses. Their platform integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a user-friendly experience in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape.

The partnership between LegalFly and RedAlpine marks a significant milestone in the legal tech sector and sets the stage for LegalFly’s continued innovation and growth.

More information can be found in De Tijd.

The Cresco deal team, led by Olivier Van Raemdonck, consisted of Charles Groffils and Rutger Duden.



Charles Groffils
Rutger Duden


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