Micledi and QustomDot in R&D Arrangement

Cresco is proud to have assisted Micledi and QustomDot in the negotiation of the research collaboration agreement with imec for their VLAIO-funded project.

Thanks to their joint development of advanced microdisplays, incorporating the quantum dot technology, the future of qualitative and more energy efficient AR-glasses is secured.

QustomDot lives by its slogan “colourful, functional and efficient” by developing on-chip grade, RoHs compliant quantum dot technology for future applications in color conversion.

Micledi delivers tiny and super-bright microdisplays based on the new microLED technology, enabling augmented images that look just like reality.

David Dessers, Olivier Van Raemdonck and Marie Vercambre assist both Micledi and Qustomdot on a daily basis.

More information on the collaboration between Micledi, QustomDot and imec can be found in De Tijd.

For any further information or questions, please contact David Dessers or Olivier Van Raemdonck.


Marie Vercambre
Olivier Van Raemdonck
Managing Partner
David Dessers


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