Techwolf in Seed Round and Commercial Matters

TechWolf  aims to give HR teams the tools required to take on new and complex challenges, so their strategies benefit the individual as well as the entire organisation.

Cresco is Techwolf’s lead counsel for strategic and day-to-day legal support, and has assisted Techwolf in its seed funding round, led by PMV. We have also designed and negotiated various licensing and strategic partnerships with large corporates.

David Dessers, Olivier Van Raemdonck and Maxim Van Eeckhout assist Techwolf on a daily basis.

More information about Techwolf’s funding round can be found in De Tijd.

For any further information or questions, please contact David Dessers or Olivier Van Raemdonck.


Olivier Van Raemdonck
Managing Partner
David Dessers
Founding Partner


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corporate venturing