Welvaartsfond in €7.5M loan financing of Phished

Cresco is proud to announce that it has acted as counsel to Welvaartsfonds in the EUR 7,5M convertible loan financing of Phished.

Phished is a Belgian company specializing in cybersecurity training and awareness. They offer simulation-based training to educate employees about phishing attacks, helping organizations strengthen their defenses against cyber threats. Their platform provides interactive modules and realistic simulations to teach users how to recognize and respond to phishing attempts effectively, ultimately reducing the risk of data breaches and other cyber incidents.

The new injection of funds will drive further (international) growth and development.

The deal team consisted of David Dessers, Ward Verwaeren, Bas Stobbelaar and Rutger Duden.

More information on this transaction can be found in De Tijd

For any further information or questions, please contact David Dessers.


Ward Verwaeren
Managing Associate
Bas Stobbelaar
Rutger Duden
David Dessers


venture capital
fund formation