Willow partnership with Telenet Business

Cresco assisted Willow in the design, negotiation and execution of a structural partnership with Telenet Business.

Willow is a Ghent-based company having developed and commercializing a software tool that automates social media policies for i.a. small businesses and independent professionals. Telenet Business assists entrepreneurs on a daily basis in their telecommunications (i.a. telephony, internet, digital television) and in the digital challenges they encounter in general, e.g. digital collaboration within the company, cybersecurity, etc.

This transaction is a perfect example of how a startup can scale and accelerate its business through a structural commercial partnership with a corporate player, as it will allow Willow to gain direct access to Telenet’s tens of thousands of business customers.

Glenn L’hoëst, Aida Kaloci and Charles Groffils advised Willow in setting up this partnership. More information on this transaction can be found on de Tijd.

For more information on how to structure and implement a wide variety of corporate partnering models, with or without equity angle, please contact our team.


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Aida Kaloci
Glenn L'hoëst


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