business law

Cresco is focused on pro­vid­ing busi­ness law counselling to entre­pre­neurs, com­pa­nies and investors.

Our prac­tice is struc­tured to rep­re­sent clients through every stage of their life cycle, from idea, con­cep­tion, start-up, debt and equi­ty fund­ing through trade sale or ini­tial pub­lic offer­ing, and to pro­vide ongo­ing oper­a­tional support.

Our lawyers pride them­selves on devel­op­ing detailed knowl­edge and exper­tise of each client’s busi­ness and mar­ket, enabling them to pro­vide effi­cient and to the point advice with an unpar­al­leled degree of responsiveness.


Elske Bleeker
Senior Associate
Veerle Brusseleers
Steven Daems
Emma De Brabandere
David Dessers
Rutger Duden
Charles Groffils
Aida Kaloci
Glenn L'hoëst
Senior Associate
Natalie Lemense


19 October 2023

Introw in €1M Seed Investment Round

Cresco acted as lead counsel to Introw in its EUR 1M seed round, led by Pitchdrive. Introw is a digital platform allowing...
25 September 2023

Axithra in €10M Seed Investment Round

Cresco acted as lead counsel in the +/- €10M Seed Investment round, led by imec.xpand and Kurma Partners. Axithra is a digital...
19 September 2023

Strategic acquisition of Aminolabs

Cresco is proud to announce its role as buy-side counsel in the strategic acquisition of Aminolabs, a prominent player in the sports...
7 July 2023

Qover in 30M financing round

Cresco assisted Qover in securing a 30 million USD investment, allowing the company to accelerate its growth and further expand into...
8 June 2023

Digitag strategic sale to Huble

Cresco is proud to have assisted the shareholders of Digitag in the strategic sale to Huble. The award-winning Growth Marketing Agen...
1 June 2023

FleetGO group and Main Capital in Eurotracs acquisition

Cresco acted as lead counsel to the FleetGO Group and Main Capital in the strategic acquisition of EuroTracs. FleetGO Group is a pan...