Corporate Partnering Master Class – #8 Buy and Sell Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Master Class 8 – Buy and Sell Side Mergers & Acquisitions The ultimate corporate partnering arrangement consists of companies being purchased for their technology, business and talent by corporates or private equity firms. Instead of being purchased, companies should also consider designing and implementing a buy and build strategy to expand through strategic acqui- sitions of […]

Corporate Partnering Master Class – #7 Joint Ventures and Consortia

Master Class 7 –  Joint Ventures and Consortia Companies increasingly establish partnerships through joint ventures, providing capital, assets or other resources. The establishment of a successful corporate joint venture requires a lot of hard preparatory work of the partners to design, structure and negotiate all relevant joint venture arrangements. A consortium is a multiparty joint venture […]

Corporate Partnering Master Class – #6 VC & Corporate VC

Master Class 6 – Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital Startups and scaleups typically raise external equity funding from investors to grow their business to the next stage. From day 1 such equity funding needs to be carefully thought through at the strategic, financial, business and governance level. Raising equity funding from corporates (so-called CVC) adds […]

Corporate Partnering Master Class – #5 Ecosystem Design

Master Class 5 – Ecosystem Design Companies should establish an ecosystem around them to increase their geographical, functional and technological competencies. Establishing a partnership strategy and model permitting a company to enter into different partnerships with third parties, both bilaterally and multilaterally, will significantly improve the competitive positioning. Topics: Creation of comprehensive partnership strategy and […]

Corporate Partnering Master Class – #4 Research Institution Spin-off Formation

master class 4

Master Class 4 – Research Institution Spin-off Formation The creation of spin-off companies is one of the technology transfer mechanisms through which research results of research institutions are commercially exploited. The research institution makes patents and other IP rights available to the spin-off and is typically compensated by royalties and/or a shareholding in the spin-off. Topics: […]

Corporate Partnering Master Class – #3 Funded Development and Joint Development

Master Class 3 – Funded Development and Joint Development Funded development enables a company to realize its product roadmap through customer engagements, with such developments being fully or partially funded by the client. Joint development allows for the innovation and development of business models through the establishment of co-creation technology partnerships. Int this master class we […]


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Corporate Partnering Master Class – #2 Technology and IP Protection and Monetization

Master Class #2  Technology and IP Protection and Monetization Imperative for companies to ensure their technology and underlying IP is adequately protected. As the business grows it is strongly recommended to develop an appropriate IP strategy and comprehensive contracting framework. Contracting framework should provide in best, base and worst case scenarios when dealing with suppliers, […]

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